Trauma Cleaning

Trauma Cleaning Service

We have an experienced and professional crime scene cleaning team.

We deal with all types of forensic clean ups like blood, bodily fluids, hazards debris, sudden deaths, murder scene clean up. We are professional cleaners that specialises in forensic clean up of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious materials.

Being a crime scene cleaner you need to have compassion and integrity, you are entering a home that could be a murder scene or a sudden death, therefore you must have compassion for the situation you are in and integrity.

trauma cleaning service
trauma cleaning service

Removing risks and hazards

The scene of a crime contains various risks and hazards, from blood and bodily fluids to debris and broken glass to needles and syringes. Whether you’ve been victim to a burglary, experienced an assault on your premises, or been exposed to illegal drug use in your building, our experienced team of crime scene cleaners can help.

Once a crime scene has been released by the police, the hazards will remain. With risk of injury and infection, the crime scene clean up process should be left to a professional restoration company with the specialist knowledge, PPE (personal protective equipment), and equipment to carry out a thorough decontamination of the affected areas.

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