Why do we need to control Rats & Mice ?

  • Reduce the risk of disease – these include Toxoplasma Gondii, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus and Mus M1, which is a mouse Allergen.
  • Damage to structural buildings and stock.
  • To protect business reputation and brand.
  • Comply with the law.
  • Fear/distress.
  • Food contamination.

Fact: Rodents carry diseases that may be serious or even life-threatening to people and animals.

What to expect from us when treating for Rats or Mice infestation

Looking-for-rodentsWe will carry out a full inspection of your property, so expect us to be very nosey, looking in cupboards, behind equipment, locked areas and even outside your property, we will also be asking you questions about the behaviour of the rodent, this will help us build up a picture of the rodents’ behaviour. Once we have identified what pest we are treating we will set out the best plan of eradication, this could be using different methods including poison & break backs. Don’t worry if you have pets or young children when we do use poison, all poisons will be hidden in areas where rats and mice like to go, so you can be assured no animals or children should be able to get access to the poison.



Remember you need to work with us, whilst we carry out the treatment, therefore, we may ask you to carry out some recommendations which may include housekeeping. You must not move any of our equipment once it has been placed as this will invalidate our agreement with us, you have called us in to deal with your pest problem and we have been highly trained, so we do know what we are doing.

Looking-for-any-rodents-1It is best practice to attend your property 3 times, normally one visit a week for 3 weeks.
1st visit – full survey, action plan and start treatment
2nd visit – check all bait boxes/Break Backs and replenish/remove where needed.
3rd visit – Check all bait boxes (no bait should be eaten, indicating eradication, this excludes external Rat/Mouse infestations) and remove all poison. If on the 3rd visit there is still poison being consumed, or we are still catching rodents on the break backs, then we will offer a 4th visit free of charge, (this excludes external infestations, where a contract may be required)



Remember you/we provide everything the rats and mice need in order to survive, this includes food, harborage, drink and warmth, if we can start to remove one or more of these then we will get total eradication. We will also provide you with preventative measures to avoid another infestation.

External Rat/Mouse

You must remember that when treating for external Rat/mouse infestations we can only control the numbers, as they are in their natural environment, if the rat/mouse problem still is evident on the 3rd visit, it would be advisable to have a monthly contract.

You can help with the prevention by removing bird feeders, keeping your garden tidy and well kept, check if drain covers are damaged or any holes next to the drain covers, look for holes around the edges of sheds and outbuildings, check the edges of decking for signs of damage.

If you think you have a Rat or Mouse infestation, call now on 020 3633 5918