A Lady Bug is Born

When Vicki is asked “how did you get into the pest control industry? as I have never met a female pest controller before” Vicki responds by telling her story, which is a bit of a sad one, and one that can only be told by Vicki herself. All that I can say is that out of a tragic situation Vicki got the strength to start Lady Bug Pest Control.

Vicki started in the pest control industry in 2011 and is very passionate about her job and the customers she delivers her service too, and it’s very clear that customer service and helping others is key to the success of Lady Bug pest control.


Vicki is honest, kind and caring and this is the quality that she looks for when recruiting her staff, she says “you can not train that caring personality, you must already be a peoples person, the pest control side of things can be trained, but not the personality”.

Vicki also says “as a pest controller we are entering peoples homes or businesses, we have no idea who that person is, they could be a Director of a large Estate agency, a Housing Association, they may even own Hotels, so it’s very important to deliver that 1st class service and be knowledgeable, because you never know that client could be very impressed and you could be rewarded by having a contract, or if they are not a business owner they will recommend us to their friends and family even talk about us on local forums etc, word of mouth is the best form of advertising, besides it doesn’t cost anything to be kind and honest.”

Vicki continues to work hard in growing her business, attending networking, training programmes and being active in local community groups including being an executive member of the Beckenham Business Association.