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We understand how distressing it is when you discover pests have invaded your home living space. Whether you’ve seen a rat, heard strange noises or discovered droppings, you can rest assured we will get to the bottom of the problem.

We guarantee to get rid of your current infestation and will also give you guidance on how prevent anything like this happening in the future.

Call us on 020 3633 5918 to arrange a convenient time to visit your home and make our assessment.

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Lady Bug were amazing!

What can I say – before Lady Bug arrived, the little pests were making a noise on the ceiling of my bedroom, Very disconcerting – So I called the professionals – Lady Bug. Ladybug explained what the process would be and went through each stage from start to finish. The first night, was like party night on my ceiling, but after the 2nd night all was quiet. Lady Bug were amazing and got rid of my problem really quickly, with no fuss or bother to me. Photographs were taken to show me what they had done at the end. Problem solved and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone with any kind of pest problem. A very professional service from arrival to finish. I will keep sending them as they come in.

Susan from Croydon

domestic pest control

About to move into your new property?

We can do a full survey on your new home before you move in, where we look for any evidence of pests having been in the property previously. We’ll also look at possible entry points for rats, mice and squirrels and advise on preventative measures. If you’re interested in this service, please call us on 020 3633 5918 to set up a visit.

.. or maybe you’d just like regular monitoring?

If you want us to visit you on a regular basis to make sure your home is safe and pest free, this can be arranged. Call us on 020 3633 5918 to find out more.

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Get in touch with Lady Bug Pest Control for assistance.

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