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Almost universally disliked and sometimes described as ‘rats with wings’, feral pigeons can become a pest problem when they nest and/or roost on your property.

They are not nasty or aggressive birds like gulls – the main problem they pose is their droppings. This attracts insect pests and has the potential to spread nasty infections. Wet droppings on slippery surfaces can also be extremely dangerous, not to mention unsightly.

Pigeons also carry mites and fleas. As well as ‘proofing’ your premises to stop birds entering, our work includes the removal and proper disposal of all fouling, which can be several feet deep in premises that have been left unchecked. Our aim is to leave your property clean and tidy, and protected against further pigeon problems.

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Keeping your home or business pigeon-free

Our aim is to deter roosting pigeons, rather than physically capturing them. Lady Bug’s pigeon control methods include: hanging netting over sections of the building to prevent the birds reaching their perch or achieve the same result by using spikes and sprung wires or if you wish to minimise the visual effect of the bird protection, we may be able to use Bird Free gel, which reflects ultraviolet light and appears as flames to a pigeon but is invisible to our eyes.

All these methods will help to keep your home or business pigeon-free. What is right for you depends upon the circumstances, and so the first action is a free survey to ascertain what is right for your property.

Once we have agreed a plan, Lady Bug will install the preventative measures while safely removing and disposing of any avian detritus. This leaves your building clean, safe and protected.

From a single home to a large business facility, our bird control services can help with any size of problem.

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