All our methods for controlling nuisance birds like pigeons, starlings and seagulls comply with the legislation set out in the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

At Lady Bug Pest Control our bird specialist will always look at ways to avoid harming the nuisance birds by taking preventative measures, such as bird netting, scaring or specialist bird proofing.

Most of us like to see birds in their natural habitat, however too many of them can cause damage on business premises, especially with their fouling.

If nuisance birds are causing problems for your business, there are solutions to deal with them legally.

The process:

1.Call Now – We will arrange to carry out a FREE site survey.

2.The Survey – We will first identify the bird species and discuss the best solution.

3.Treatment – Our specialist bird team will carry out the work.

4.After Care – We will provide ongoing support, giving you peace of mind your business is compliant with the law.


Property Damage

Pigeons often cause damage to masonry work by nesting and fouling. Their nests can also cause clogged gutters, which can then lead to other problems like water damage.


Bird droppings are highly acidic, leading to stains and even corrosion on various surfaces and roofs. Nothing is protected – automobile paint, outdoor furniture, patios and balconies are all vulnerable.

Pest Harbouring

City birds attract vermin with their faeces and often cause rat and mice infestations. Pigeon mites also live in nests and love to feed on human blood. Fortunately, these mites are more creepy than harmful and rarely transmit diseases, but they’re still not nice to have around!

With our bird proofing solutions, you can be assured you’ll never get in a flap over bird problems and you have taken the most effective steps towards preventing birds from inhabiting and damaging your building. Bird control offers a long-term solution and when installed correctly, is 100% effective.

Our Bird Control Service Includes:

  • Netting with stainless steel fixings
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird Wire system
  • Avishock Electric Deterrent (Ideal for Listed Buildings)
  • Trapping Program
  • Hawking