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Vicki Sims AKA The Lady Bug

Vicki Sims AKA The Lady Bug

Owner and founder of Lady Bug Pest Control.

Vicki started her solo journey into setting up Lady Bug Pest Control in 2016 following a personal difficult period, Vicki has said starting Lady Bug Pest Control saved her life!

Vicki has been in the industry since 2011. Vicki’s aspiration in being a female in a very male dominated industry would like to promote the fact that females can do this job. She believes the best way to keep the industry dominated by professionals is to help each other out. Pest control companies especially the smaller ones need to get rid of the idea we are in competition with each other.

Vicki raises money for local charities she also gives talks at local schools and attends career fairs to educate the next generation.

Millie Bethell AKA Cable bug

Millie Bethell AKA Cable bug

Office manager

Millie manages the shop in Shirley as well as booking in our clients and advising them on their pest problems.

Millie joined Lady bug pest control back in 2018. She had just left school and was going to college, doing a course that she didn’t want to do. Vicki gave a her a job trial to see how she felt about the pest industry. After attending site with Vicki, she decided to throw herself into the pest control industry. Millie enjoys working for Lady Bug Pest Control because of the different things she sees within the industry but also all the wonderful people we get to see on a daily basis doing our job!

Kirk Bullen AKA Pidge

Kirk Bullen AKA Pidge

Senior technician

Pidge specialises in pigeons and pigeon behaviour. He started in the industry 13 years ago working for larger companies mainly doing bird work. He has been helping Vicki since 2016 and became part of the team at the start of 2021 doing not only bird work but expanding his knowledge on other pests we deal with in this industry.

Pidge enjoys working with Lady Bug Pest Control because every job is different, he really feels like part of a team rather than just a number in a company. Vicki takes on board his ideas and really wants to help grow the business and brand. Pidge says “I actually look forward to coming to work every day”

When Pidge is not tending to the pests of southeast London and Kent, he is a champion pigeon racer training his award-winning pigeons.


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