Lady Bug pest control is a professional pest control company based in Beckenham, Kent serving both Commercial and Domestic customers.

Lady Bug pest control has a fantastic team of staff and who are specialists in their own field, these include:

  • Bird specialist – yes it’s a man, however, he was handpicked for his 100% customer satisfaction, his dedication and quality of his work. He will offer effective pigeon pest control and bird proofing that is tailored to your needs.
  • Rat Detection Team – These guys, again were handpicked for their 100% customer satisfaction. They will simply find out how rats enter your home exploring the drainage system with the latest equipment and they will stop them.
  • Bed Bug detection dogs – These dogs were picked because they are the most experienced bed bug detection dogs in the UK. The specially trained dogs can sniff out bugs in 2-3 minutes with pin-point accuracy.

On all pest control infestations, we will identify solutions based on our knowledge of the pest behaviour, we will recommend and install tailored pest control treatments and pest prevention programmes.

Vicki Sims - The Lady Bug

Announcing the Lady Bug Pest Control App


Lady Bug Pest Control is pleased to announce the launch of its app.   Please, download and share with your friends and for a limited period, anyone booking a service via the app will receive a 10% discount.

*Lady Bug Pest Control takes full responsibility for your enjoyment of the games, but not for any time lost due to its addictiveness!

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